Moments Matter.

Find Perspective.

Dr. Cook finds innovative ways to create space and not waste in your life. From team training to one-one-one consultations, she delivers a plan for performance improvement, both professionally and personally.


I am passionate about serving as a life coach and motivational speaker in the field of leadership development and community engagement. My niche is creating ways for people with a core responsibility to still incorporate advocacy and engagement in a manageable way.




In this fast-paced world, we learn everything on a device. Therefore, we need to focus our time and get back to basics on how to live life to the fullest. Contact me for more information!



Every leader is defined in a unique way. There is no cookie-cutter response to great leadership. We all have strengths that can lead to success. Contact me for more information on training!

Life Coach

Most people know what they want. They just need a little nudge to get there. Positivity, balance and follow-through creates a powerful path. Contact me for more information!



Personality Style At Work

Learn how to work with (almost) anyone.

Contact me for a free consultation today!


Dr. Cook on Good Morning Nashville with Nikki Burdine



Busy, busy, busy! We are all busy, all the time. Yet, in this perpetual state of busyness there is a lot of time we waste. Dr. Cook takes you through a quick journey to recapture some of your lost time and feel more productive each day.


““It was like you were speaking to just me. I really needed that.” 

“Wow, we love your energy. We’re ready to get to work.”

“I really think you’re on to something about emotional intelligence.”




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